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Files and information included to make your research easier.

OpenSees Structural

Model Database

Structural Model Database

This page includes links to more than 30 OpenSees structural models created as part of this research. The following sets of files include not only the OpenSees structural models, but also include the MATLAB pre- and post-processing files. The SP3 Team spent a great deal of time creating these pre- and post-processors, so we hope that they are useful and that it will make your research more efficient. This primary page gives all of the files to run a single model and the login below will take you to the download page for the additional 29 models.

The files include pre- and post- processors to run the following types of analyses:
  • Static pushover analyses

  • Dynamic time history analyses for a set of ground motions with specified scale factors

  • Incremental Dynamic Analyses (IDA) from low levels of ground motion to collapse

The sets of structural designs contained on this page include:
  • Set of reinforced concrete (RC) special moment frame (SMF) buildings designed according to ASCE7-02 and ACI318-02, ranging in height from 1 to 20 stories.

Reinforced Concrete (RC) Special Moment Frame (SMF) Building Designed According To ASCE7-02 And ACI318-02
Download The Models And Begin Analysis

Now that your computer is set up for the models, you can download the models and initiate your analyses. 


This section explains the structure of the OpenSees models and provides links to the model files.  Note that the associated structural designs are documented in the references below and the predicted structural responses (displacement and acceleration responses, collapse capacities, etc.) are available upon request (please contact the SP3 Team using the Contact Us page).


Each of the models utilized a large number of the same files.  Therefore, to reduce file sizes for download, you will also need to download these template model files and add them to the model folder.


For example if you want to run model ID 1003, you would do the following:


1.) Download the ID 1003 folder (from the link in the table below) and place it into the OpenSeesRuns\Models folder.


2.) Download the template model files [here] and paste them into the ID 1003 model folder.



Run The OpenSees Models

To run the OpenSees models, you will first need to set up your computer with a small set of folders on your the C:/ drive.


The following are the instructions for setting up your computer and running the model, as well as links to the necessary files.


1.) Instructions for dynamic time history analyses with scaled records. [Download Doc File]


2.) Instructions for static pushover and IDA analyses. [Download Doc File]


3.) Files to be placed on the C:/ drive:


* Earthquake ground motion files [Download Zip File]


* These files are for “ground motion set D” which is comprised on 78 records, and is an extended version of the ATC-63 Far-Field set.  This ground motion set is explained here.


* Examples of scaled ground motion sets, including illustrative examples of sets from the PEER Ground Motion Selection and Modification 2009 report on buildings. [Download Zip File]


4.) The following folder will be were the runs take place. This folder is were you will place the structural models, and already contains the MATLAB pre- and post-processors, the drivers to perform the analyses, and the OpenSees executable.  This folder can be placed anywhere on your computer, but I suggest placing this on your C:/ because often long file names are developed in the output data. [Download Zip File]


The reinforced concrete (RC) special moment frame (SMF) set of buildings comes from the following two references.


Seismic Collapse Safety of Reinforced Concrete Buildings: I. Assessment of Ductile Moment Frames
Haselton, C.B., A.B. Liel, G.G. Deierlein, B.S. Dean, and J.H. Chou (2009)
American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Structural Engineering.


Assessing Seismic Collapse Safety of Modern Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings
Haselton, C.B. and G.G. Deierlein (2007)
PEER Report 2007/08, Pacific Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, California.

SP3 OpenSees Model Download Registration


Please provide your contact information to download all 29 of the other models.


The purpose of this form is to gather information for the SP3 team on who is making use of these models in their research.