Client Spotlight

Treasury Resilience Building

Resilient Design


The Oregon State Treasury Department building located in Salem, Oregon is the first USRC Platinum-rated building in Oregon and the first USRC-rated seismically isolated building in the United States. The Treasury Resilience Building is a 30,000, 2-story, steel-framed building and achieves both a USRC Platinum rating at the design-basis earthquake as well as at the Risk-Targeted Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCER) as a result of it’s seismic isolation system.


KPFF used SP3-Design (now SP3-Advanced) to choose a base-isolation to reduce floor accelerations. This resiliently designed building is expected to survive a large earthquake and reduce expected losses down to 1% of construction costs. This will allow the utility to run the electrical grid shortly following such an event, with little disruption.


For more information on this project, please visit KPFF’s website (here).